We are committed to continuing to provide personalised guidance to students in a variety of formats



Careers Education is vital to every students’ economic and personal well-being. We at Careerstorch are passionate about addressing these issues and this is central to all the work we undertake. We continue to provide students with the best quality careers guidance across the sector.

It is important that students continue to have access to high quality career guidance to navigate through a new and challenging landscape. We continue to engage with students on a different platform. This includes all of our schools across the various contracts we deliver. With all challenges there is also opportunity. In this instance the opportunity for us to connect with students outside the traditional face-to-face setting and through a format that in some cases students have already embraced.

Stay Connected is our digital platform of delivery. This service is now being developed and refined.

If you would like to find out more on how we can support your school and students please contact us on or contact Careerstorch on 07531 274707