The Education and Employers Charity have demonstrated the impact of the Education and Employers’ Inspiring the Future and Primary Futures programmes, operating in secondary and primary schools respectively. The programmes have been designed to make it easier for teachers to connect with volunteers who can help bring real-world experiences to the curriculum and careers learning through a range of interactive activities. It has enabled over three million encounters between young people and the world of work, with over 11,000 schools registered.

Education and Employers’ research into careers and employment engagement spanning the last 14 years and including over 70 reports, show that employer engagement in education helps to:

  • Broaden young people’s horizons
  • Raise young people’s aspirations
  • Challenge gender and ethnic stereotypes
  • Increase motivation which leads to improved attainment
  • Improve social mobility
  • Reduce the likelihood of young people becoming NEET (not in education, employment of training)
  • Increase the amount young people earn in adult life
  • Help young people make better-informed career choices
  • Reduce the mismatch between young people’s career aspirations and the reality of the labour market