Careerstorch in Primary Schools

We are delighted to have extended the work we deliver into primary schools


Why is it important?

It is crucial at this age we introduce children to ideas about what they can do in the future. There is emerging evidence that introducing children to the world of work and the relevancy of their studies is crucial in their future decisions and positive self-image. Our work in secondary schools has demonstrated the importance of careers education at an early age.

A survey of 20,000 primary school children (Drawing the Future – Education and Employers charity publication January 2018) highlighted there are significant implications for social mobility and gender equality. The patterns of jobs chosen by seven-year-olds mirror those selected by 17-year olds.

  • Gender stereotyping about jobs is set from a young age
  • Family, TV, radio and film have the biggest influence on children’s choices
  • There is a need for greater access to career role models from a young age
  • Children’s career aspirations have little in common with projected workforce needs, which could have serious implications for the UK’s economy
  • Children in some developing countries often aspire to more professional jobs than those in some affluent countries

‘Let’s Talk Careers’ events

We are delivering a number of ‘Let’s Talk Careers’ events across our primary school partners introducing students to the variety of career options available to them. Our work is not about directing children towards a particular career at an early age but about encouraging students to ask questions about themselves and to explore what they see in the world around them. This is recognised as helping to improve student’s confidence in decision making and in preparing for the transition to secondary school at the end of Year 6. This is delivered in a fun interactive and safe environment for the students to learn.