Shining a new light on Careers Education

We have enjoyed working with all of our new schools this year. We have embraced digital delivery to ensure that students continue to receive high quality impartial guidance. We now move forward with a blend of delivery methods to offer much needed support to students to help them realise their ambitions.

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We deliver high quality Careers Education


We deliver Careers Education that is innovative, impartial and current


We deliver Careers Education in partnership with you




High Quality Careers Education delivered by the experts

We have made significant progress in our schools delivering high quality Careers Education. We have been very careful when constructing packages for schools that they represent a flexible approach in terms of delivery and are cost sensitive. We also work to deliver a service that is tailored to the requirements within each individual school. We are also working hard to introduce new methods of delivery which will engage students and bring Careers Education up to date.

Our current partner schools have valued the service we have provided and would be happy to provide testimonies to support this. We are confident we have a high quality service that can benefit other partner schools. The positive feedback from both the schools and students has enabled us to be successful and we feel we have now developed a strong reputation for quality Careers Education. We will deliver Careers Education that is inspection ready.


We are unique in that we offer a number of workshops to schools that enable students to engage in careers education through music, technology and interactive activities.

One to One Guidance

We will be delivering high quality impartial advice and guidance delivered by qualified Level 6/7 practitioners. If you value one to one support for your students and would like us to support you, Careerstorch will provide that service.

Progression Evenings

An important part of our work is engaging with parents and carers to ensure that we have a collective approach to high quality career guidance.

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The feedback from the students and schools is central to the work we undertake